McKinney Custom Upholstery

Searching throughout McKinney for custom upholstery on your own usually results in a few hundred styles that do not necessarily work together and might not even match your design scheme.

You are probably going to find seemingly endless options in McKinney for upholstered furniture, but you cannot be sure of its quality, durability, or how it can be accented and used to its fullest creative potential. That’s where hōme•ol•o•gy comes in.

Our founders Ricky Phillips and Jeremy Greeney wanted to create an opportunity for anyone, on any budget, to have their dream spaces come alive. This requires things such as unique drapery and bedding, detailed paint palettes, custom cabinetry and custom upholstery in McKinney TX.

From planning through construction, hōme•ol•o•gy offers a one-of-a-kind, creative experience like no other — and all at reasonable, competitive prices.

When considering your furniture selection, think about a style you want to embrace. Some of our McKinney custom upholstery specialties include:

  • Traditional: You are looking for overstuffed couches, floral and damask patterns, lots of detail and finely crafted furniture with detailed woodwork and graceful lines.
  • Modern: A search through McKinney for upholstered furniture matching the modern style would lead to fewer detailed patterns and more heavily textured pieces, clean, straight lines and simple but elegant pieces.
  • Transitional: This brings the best of both worlds. By pulling some traditional and modern looks, the transitional pieces create a completely unique look and feel.

hōme•ol•o•gy also has expertise in rustic styles, commercial styles and in integrating elements of various design schemes to create your own signature look.

Looking in McKinney for custom upholstery does not need to be overwhelming, time consuming, or expensive. Our creative team can use their expertise and discerning eye to match your vision, making your life simpler, easier and infinitely more creative. Stop by our showroom.