Houston Custom Upholstery

It is a very rare occasion that you are able to find a piece of furniture that perfectly fits with the rest of your design project, which is why hōme•ol•o•gy carries an extensive range of Houston custom upholstery.

By visiting our showroom and browsing through our custom upholstery in Houston TX, you can find a quality, rich fabric that can be used to customize your couch, chair and other pieces of furniture.

Bringing harmony to your space with Houston upholstered furniture

The goal of hōme•ol•o•gy — and it should really be the goal of any interior designer — is to create consistency and harmony within a space. By offering such an extensive selection of Houston custom upholstery, you can assure that every elements works with each other to create a beautiful and harmonious space.

We are confident that you will find a selection that you love here at our expansive showroom. It doesn’t even matter what type of style you are in to — modern, traditional, rustic and more. We have fabrics that can match your style and our team will handle all the logistics of customizing your furniture and having it installed in your space.

Reliable, comprehensive interior design services

At hōme•ol•o•gy, we’re more than just a showroom for Houston upholstered furniture — we have a savvy, skilled staff that carries decades of combined interior decorating experience that will help manage your projects — whether they’re taking place at your home or commercial setting.

From space planning and selecting all the elements of the room — paint palette, window treatments, upholstery, etc. — to managing renovations and keeping he project on task. Hōme•ol•o•gy is the name that many residential and commercial clients have trusted to create beautiful, unique spaces that are also highly functional and reflect the personal tastes of the client.

Finding the perfect fabric for your furniture is a huge part of the designing process and hōme•ol•o•gy has your needs covered. Visit our showroom to explore our vast selection of Houston custom upholstery.