Austin Unique Decor

hōme•ol•o•gy is your resource for Austin unique decor. Not only do we provide Austin unusual home accessories with a variety of styles, our expert professional designers can also help you arrange them around your home or business. Our services encompass the entire process of planning, creating and designing a space — and our team is second to none.

Our design services typically begin with a consultation in which our clients help us see their vision. Through this discussion we are able to match our products with your design ideas, regardless of how specific you can be.

Our services range from big-picture concepts, such as space planning, paint and palette selection, lighting and fixture selection and construction coordination all the way to the more specific, detailed work such as tile and countertop selection, custom furniture design, custom material and fabric matching and more.

Our Austin unique decor team specializes in traditional, modern, transitional, rustic and commercial design styles, but we have the background and expertise to help create any vision in our clients’ minds. It does not matter if you want to play with existing styles or create your own signature look — we have the tools.

Whether your space is currently empty, or if you have some pieces you would like to match, hōme•ol•o•gy has the unique decor in Austin TX to bring your space to life.

An experienced touch for your home’s decor

Why should hōme•ol•o•gygy be your number one choice for Austin unusual home accessories? Our award-winning design team prides itself on its creative and individualized designing for every stage, from pre-construction to renovations. Our founders Ricky Phillips and Jeremy Greeney started hōme•ol•o•gygy to transcend other elementary design companies that focus more on selling furnishings than creating the vision their clients see.

Not only do we offer Austin unique decor to distinguish your unique vision, but we understand and respect that the look and feel of your home or business is what makes or breaks the space. Call us at 469.952.6660 to see our showroom or at 214.998.3936 to discuss design services today.